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Setting the PostgreSQL version

By default, pg-embedded uses a PostgreSQL 13 database. This version can be changed in multiple ways:

Setting the system property overrides all other settings.

pg-embedded downloads repackaged EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL releases from the Maven repository system using the io.zonky.test.postgres groupId. Any artifact available here can be used with pg-embedded as long as the version and binary architecture is supported.

The FlywayPreparer only supports PostgreSQL 10+.


OS Architecture Variant Remarks
Linux x86_64 RHEL / CentOS
Linux x86_64 Debian 11 (bullseye) Needs locales-all installed for database locales to work
Linux x86_64 Alpine Linux
Linux x86_64 Amazon Linux 2
Linux aarch64 Amazon Linux 2 Graviton CPU
Linux aarch32 CentOS 7 Raspberry Pi 3B+
MacOS x86_64 MacOS 11.6


OS Architecture Variant Remarks
MacOS aarch64 (fat) the PostgreSQL binaries used do not yet support aarch64 natively, so the x86_64 binaries are used and executed through Rosetta. When “fat” binaries are available, they should be picked up and just work.
MacOS aarch64 (native) When native aarch64 binaries are available, set the pg-embedded.prefer-native system property to true will enable pg-embedded to use those directly.
Windows x86_64 - untested, patches welcome
- i386 - untested