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Setting the PostgreSQL version

By default, pg-embedded uses a PostgreSQL 13 database. This version can be changed in multiple ways:

Setting the system property overrides all other settings.

pg-embedded downloads repackaged EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL releases from the Maven repository system using the io.zonky.test.postgres groupId. Any artifact available here can be used with pg-embedded as long as the version and binary architecture is supported.

The FlywayPreparer only supports PostgreSQL 10+.


OS Architecture Variant Remarks
Linux x86_64 RHEL / CentOS
Linux x86_64 Debian 11 (bullseye) Needs locales-all installed for database locales to work
Linux x86_64 Alpine Linux
Linux x86_64 Amazon Linux 2
Linux aarch64 Amazon Linux 2 tested on AWS Graviton CPU
Linux aarch64 RockyLinux 8 tested on Raspberry Pi 4
Linux aarch32 CentOS 7 tested on Raspberry Pi 3B+
MacOS x86_64 MacOS 11.6+
MacOS aarch64 MacOS 12.5.1 with Rosetta 2 installed All x86_64 binaries work as well, PostgreSQL 14 binaries contain both x86_64 and aarch64 variants.
MacOS aarch64 MacOS 12.5.1 without Rosetta 2 Requires “fat” binaries that contain aarch64 variants. Otherwise, set the pg-embedded.prefer-native system property to true to force the use of aarch64 artifacts. Currently, only the PostgreSQL 14 supports this.


OS Architecture Variant Remarks
Windows x86_64 - untested, patches welcome
- i386 - untested