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Setting the PostgreSQL version and architecture

By default, pg-embedded uses a PostgreSQL 13 database. This version can be changed in multiple ways:

Setting the system property overrides all other settings.

pg-embedded downloads repackaged EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL releases from the Maven repository system using the io.zonky.test.postgres groupId. Any artifact available here can be used with pg-embedded as long as the version and binary architecture is supported.

OS, package and CPU architectures

There is a babylonian confusion for naming things with modern CPU architectures. the following things are all the same:

  • x86_64, amd64 - Intel based 64 bit architecture
  • aarch64, arm_64, arm64v8 - ARM based 64 bit architecture
  • aarch32, arm_32, arm32v7, arm - ARM based 32 bit architecture

Java, the ZonkyIO binaries, postgres itself and the system OS use varying permutations of these identifiers.

For most operating systems, the system architecture and the architecture of the postgres distribution must match. However, modern MacOS systems can run both x86_64 and aarch64 binaries. Most of the recent ZonkyIO binaries contain both architectures (“fat binaries”) so the actual architecture is chosen by the OS and the distribution architecture is not as important. ZonkyIO creates packages with the x86_64 and arm64v8 names, however the x86_64 variants are much more up-to-date. For that reason, pg-embedded prefers the x86_64 packages even on modern MacOS systems. In some rare cases, it might be beneficial to force the arm64v8 variant by setting the pg-embedded.prefer-native property to true.

NOTE: The FlywayPreparer only supports PostgreSQL 10+.


OS Architecture Variant Remarks
Linux x86_64 RHEL / CentOS
Linux x86_64 Debian 11 (bullseye) Needs locales-all installed for database locales to work
Linux x86_64 Alpine Linux
Linux x86_64 Amazon Linux 2
Linux aarch64 Amazon Linux 2 tested on AWS Graviton CPU
Linux aarch64 RockyLinux 8 tested on Raspberry Pi 4
Linux aarch32 CentOS 7 tested on Raspberry Pi 3B+
MacOS x86_64 MacOS 11.6+
MacOS aarch64 MacOS 12.5.1 with Rosetta 2 installed All x86_64 binaries work as well, recent binaries contain both x86_64 and aarch64 variants.
MacOS aarch64 MacOS 13.3.1 with Rosetta 2 installed All x86_64 binaries work as well, recent binaries contain both x86_64 and aarch64 variants. Older x86_64 binaries (for 9.6 and 10) may not work.
MacOS aarch64 MacOS 12.5.1 without Rosetta 2 Requires arm64v8 binaries or “fat” x86_64 binaries that also contain aarch64 variants.


OS Architecture Variant Remarks
Windows x86_64 - untested, patches welcome
- i386 - untested